2022: I couldn’t have done it better.

I have always been one to criticise myself before anyone does. I always place a standard up high. I would struggle to reach for myself–sometimes to feel safe, sometimes to ‘please’ God and sometimes to please people. Over the years, time has not just taught me, experience has. 

Each passing day of the last year, 2022; I couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of life.

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com

I had never felt afraid of death like I did this year. I have wanted to run away and I have had feelings of not wanting to live but this was different. It felt like death stared me in the face and was negotiating. I couldn’t have won but God. Many people have worn my shoes and I am not the only one who has had a tough time but still I have a thankful heart. 

I have not been very down because of a sickness or an illness. It was different this year. The devil came for my health or at least he thought he could. I second guessed myself and everything I believed in a short period.

I felt weak, I only could hold onto one thing, actually many things, God’s promises for my life and my future. I only could relive my encounters with God and count them not in vain. I tried to make myself believe it can’t be over; I tried to make myself believe this was one of those battles where I felt alone and it would only get better.

When I’m tempted to question my growth in many areas of life; whether it be finances, career, spiritual, emotional etc. I knew I have tried, I knew I had done enough for the moment.

I knew it was the time again to silence the devil\’s criticisms to keep going till I get burned, to keep going and never looking back to be grateful, to keep going without a realisation. To keep going without a reflection.

I couldn’t have done 2022 any better. I fought the battle and I am still here. There is truly hope for the living and I guess God is starting with me as much as he is just starting with you.

This was just one of those moments to make a beautiful story. One of the moments where I say the rest is history. One of my battles because I have fought so many and I am still fighting. I only fight from victory because Christ already won.

I don’t give up and I am sure you won\’t either. I couldn’t have done any better. Can you say that about your 2022?

Well, this new year, give your all but hold onto yourself. Keep going but ensure you’re walking on your lane. Hold on and stay strong. Life is a story after all.

Your best,


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