Its been a while. Hasn\’t it?

Many of us can relate to the above topic because a few or many times we\’ve been in that space before.

We have felt lost in a world we thought to be home or felt lost even when we were around loved ones.

That wasn\’t enough. We knew something on the inside was saying we were lacking or lagging behind.

We ought to be somewhere far, maybe somewhere better. We have refused to take things easy with ourselves.

It\’s good to have those desires. It can pull us forward or it can pull us backward.

Feeling forgotten is not a happy feeling. Just as the word explains itself. We feel like we don\’t really exist or rather, we are not remembered.

Our desires and dreams, though worthy and valid—-they seemed unachievable, unattainable. We feel stuck.

Sometimes it could be a feeling of sinking into one\’s ownself with a clouded mind we want to wallow and drown in.

We then feel like giving up.

Sometimes, some of us even feel God doesn\’t see us, he doesn\’t know..and even if he does, he doesn\’t remember us because of this and this and that….we could write up a list of our whys.

We want to prove we are something in a world of chaos, we are trying to find our peace.


What if this are just feelings as they are…?

What if we choose the other side and pull forward…?

What if it was a moment of realisation? A moment to be thankful for the present?

What if we were the one who forgot who we are, what we\’ve done and what we can still do?

What if the \’I have been forgotten\’ feeling is all a lie our mind makes us believe?

We can pull forward and live.

Life is a choice but sometimes, is it? Only the things in life one can choose.

Are we really forgotten? We can make a choice not to be because the reality is that we are not.

Walking in the reality of the lies our minds have believed because feelings are feelings doesn\’t help as much. Feelings can be changed, transformed, acted upon.

We can react differently.

So what would you and I do now?

We would see and remember….Memories matter.

Believe….you are not forgotten!

For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps.

Job 34:21 ESV

Have a lovely week! Till next time🤍

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