Nine things you don’t know about me—- Do you know you?

\”Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

I have always been so curious about myself and people in general. I feel everyone is so important. It\’s just so sad that some of us don\’t know the good things we are capable of as well as the bad things we are capable of. We are so focused on what\’s around us and always fail to look within.

Just to let you know, you are an amazing individual just like I am but have you discovered you?

Everyone has their own little secret. For many reasons, we keep secrets unconsciously and sometimes consciously. Some are never told and some are shared. There are some dangerous secrets that could tear a person apart and even relationships too.

There’s not too much you know about me but there’s a lot going on in my head, trust me. Let me share some of my secrets with you.

Are you there?

Let me spill it!

I have never dated anyone: Some of my friends know this and some other people don\’t. It\’s a little weird but it isn\’t at the same time,lol. Let\’s just say my standards are too high or no one approached me.

P.s: I am still very young so no rush.

I am an extreme introvert: According to psychologist and personality tests like Myers-briggs Type Indicator; my \’introvertedness\’ is really high and very rare. I am known to be an extroverted introvert. I love being alone. I am as well a stalker. Don\’t worry I won\’t hunt you down.

I have anxiety disorder and OCD: No jokes, this is not something you want to live with. I wasn\’t diagnosed but all my so-called symptoms points to these disorders. I have learnt a lot on psychology and counselling to know this. I am also an advocate for mental health.

I am a fast eater: My being anxious maybe reflects in my eating habits too. I clear everything quickly and I leave nothing to go back too. I am that good.

I am an addict: You might be wandering what exactly I am addicted to but \’they many\’. I throw myself completely into anything good. Who knows how you can help me, you can give me a comment on this after reading this. Anyways, I am addicted to learning, reading and I just want to do everything good.

I want to become a singer, a dancer, an instrumentalist, an author, a writer, an actress, a manager(people manager), a counselor/coach etc. all at the same time. Please tell me I am not weird. Besides, all of this can be connected right.

My brain jumps faster than my body: For some reason, I don\’t know. I never understood this properly. I am still learning but my brain is like wired differently(if that\’s possible). Aside my disorders, I am highly perspective of people, I am also a deep thinker. I am very imaginative and sometimes, I can\’t control it.

I don’t like full hugs or touchy \’touchies\’: This might be personality, experiences, a religious mindset, you can call it any thing but I really don\’t like hugging a lot; I feel like you are taking a whole of me.

I don’t know how to do makeup: Guys, if they would pick the female gender based on what they could do; I guess I would be lost and not find my way. I am learning very slowly on how to bake my face and make it look better than ordinary.

I am not that polite: I could come off as very rude. I really don\’t mean it. Besides, you shouldn\’t take my rudeness very seriously sometimes. I am just so blunt. Forgive me, I am trying!

I am writing a book currently——Yes, Help me!

Want to know more? Let me know about you too!

7 thoughts on “Nine things you don’t know about me—- Do you know you?”

  1. I think being an “addict” to so many stuffs, I mean a “Jack of all trade” is more of a gift among talented individuals.
    From an HR perspective, I think those rare set of creation should be good at “multitasking” and even switching career path with ease.

  2. It crazy how the genes are so strong. Extremely extroverted introvert and with inner circle dangerously extroverted extrovert, almost like you’re a psycho.🤫

    Ps: She’s my sister 😌.
    And it’s completely fine to be different. 😊

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